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Comment bâtir un cloud hybride ouvert ?, un Livre Blanc redhat. 

Companies value security, performance and support
in quest to build new IT paradigm.

At enterprises everywhere, private clouds are catching on. And increasingly, businesses are finding that an open hybrid approach to building private clouds is the best way to maximize their benefits—cost-effective, flexible computing and storage capacity without single-vendor limitations.   

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7 étapes pour l'exécution de vos applications dans un cloud public, un Livre Blanc redhat.

Loading an application onto a public cloud is easy. A credit card number, a few clicks, and you’re good to go. That on-demand, self-service access is a big upside of using a public cloud.


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Préparer vos clouds privés et hybrides avec l'infrastructure redhat, un Livre Blanc redhat.

Organizations are increasingly moving to private or hybrid cloud architectures. They are following the lead of cutting-edge Web companies that have built next-generation, scale-out infrastructures that are inherently different from traditional datacenters.


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Piloter l'innovation IT et répondre aux demandes des divisions métiers, un Livre Blanc redhat. 

Your IT organization plays a strategic role in business operations.     Line-of-business leaders expect you to deliver innovative new solutions that give the business a competitive advantage.


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