Innovating at the Pace of Mobile
Publié le 15/07/2013

Innovating at the Pace of Mobile, un Livre Blanc Akamai.

In today’s on-the-go world, mobile adoption is occurring at an unprecedented pace, creating a tremendous opportunity no company can afford to ignore. Our mobile devices are our constant companions, transforming the way we shop, eat, play, and live.

They have become such an integral part of our lives that 44% of people would choose their devices over their wallets if they could only take one with them when leaving the house in the morning, and one-third of us report feeling anxious when away from our phones for even a short period of time, according to the 2012 Time Mobility Poll.i Even more remarkably, online mobile usage is already catching up to the desktop – while promising far greater potential, given the medium’s unique access to anytime, anywhere interactions that are highly personal and highly relevant, as well as its singular ability to fulfill needs that are both immediate and impulsive. The opportunity that mobile presents for businesses is game-changing.


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